1968 -1978 FJ40 Aqualu Aluminum Bodies – Left Hand Drive 

5052 aluminum alloy, 5/32″ (.156) thick.


  • We have provided cut-outs for the stock brake master, clutch master, speedometer cable, main electrical grommet and steering column only. 
  • The cut-out for the stock gauge cluster is scribed, not cut.
  • We do not provide windshield frame hinges, kick vent doors, glove box door, etc.
  • The cowl will not work with the original windshield frame or the original body. Must be used with Aqualu aluminum bodies/ cabs.
  • Windshield frame glass is not provided.  We recommend contacting a glass shop for options reusing the original glass or replacement glass.
  • We do not include a wiper motor cover; you would need to re-use your old one from your existing cowl.  
  • We highly recommend that you pre-fit your components prior to painting or powder coating.  
  • Designed for off-road use only.


  • Windshield frame rubber
  • Steel door hinge assembly
  • Mounting hardware
  • Heater hose 
  • Foam tape