ARB Roof Racks are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of the Australian Outback where they are often relied on to support the full rated load capacity of a vehicle. Aside from supporting heavy loads, the roof rack and its mounting system must have the structural integrity capable of keeping the rack and its contents secure in the most demanding conditions.

Over 26 years of experience manufacturing roof racks has placed ARB well ahead of the competition. ARB roof racks utilize round steel tube construction for maximum strength and aerodynamics. A variety of standard lengths and widths, for vehicles with or without gutters, means you can choose the appropriate size to suit your requirements. The roof rack and mounting system are sold separately, allowing ARB racks to be fitted to custom applications.

ARB roof racks are shot blasted and precoated in a zinc-rich primer, while the mounting legs are zinc plated. Both are then coated in ARB’s own millennium gray polyester powdercoat, before baking in a 400 F oven. These processes have been tested to 1000 hours of salt spray resistance, which easily exceeds the industry standards.