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For the 80 series Land Cruiser we offer these ultra trick, super heavy duty, USA made high quality Panhard Rod. Panhard rods are what locate our axles, side to side in relation to the frame of the vehicle. One end of the panhard rod is attached to the frame, and the other end is attached to the axle. In a factory panhard rod the 2 ends have bushings with vulcanized sleeves pressed in to allow up and down movement and flexibility while keeping the axle in line with the frame.

With a stock suspension the panhard rods on an 80 series are pretty much parallel with the axles and on the front it is also parallel to the steering relay rod. When you install a lifted suspension system the axle is moved downward away from the frame and the panhard rod (and on the front the steering relay rod) swings down with it at one end. As the panhard rod swings down it ever so slightly moves the axle over to one side. The easiest way to observe this is that after installing a lift on an 80 series, the steering wheel will no longer be in alignment when going straight ahead. This is because the relay rod has also swung to the side and has ever so slightly moved the steering arm on the knuckle over. The steering wheel alignment is easily fixed by adjusting the relay rod and slightly lengthening it. Problem with the stock panhard rods is they are not adjustable and the axles will stay out of alignment. This sideways shift is fairly mild on low lifts, but as the lift height increases the shift does too. Another factor is that the 2 axles move in opposite directions, with the front axle on a LHD (left hand drive) vehicle moving to the left and the rear axle moving to the right. Installing adjustable panhard rods allows the axles to be realigned to their original location and will dramatically improve the handling of a lifted vehicle.

Our adjustable panhard rods feature a spherical ball or heim at one end and polyurethane bushings with a separate sleeve at the axle end. This combination allows for resistance free motion, stable axle location, and vibration dampening.

Our high angle adjustable rear Panhard rod is made from 1-1/4”, .250” wall DOM tubing, and on the frame end features a QA1 Endura rod end with a Teflon/Kevlar, self lubricating, self sealing liner. Rod end body is heat treated Chrome Moly, and the ball is 52100 heat treated, hard chrome plated bearing steel. Increased cross sectional thickness help give this rod end a radial static load rating of 45,000 lbs. Stainless Steel misalignment bushings finish off the adjustable end of the upper Panhard rod . At the axle end of the Panhard rod is a slotted polyurethane bushing set with a custom sleeve to help absorb road shocks and vibration

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 50 x 5 x 5 in