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FJ80 Suspension Lift Kit 4″ OME with MANAFRE FRAB-4 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997


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This kit includes 4 OME “J” Coils, 4 OME L version Nitrocharger Sport shock absorbers, an OME steering dampener, a 4 Plus Front Radius Arm Bracket kit for caster correction, 4 Plus front sway bar drop brackets, and 1” front bump stop spacers,OME front and rear adjustable panhard rods.

Out of stock

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Old Man Emu is reknowned for engineering and manufacturing the best all around suspension systems available for Land Cruisers and you will get no argument from us. There is however a slight problem when a suspension that has been engineered for Australians and their type of long range off roading is fitted to an 80 series here in the USA. Australians will deck out their rigs with high capacity fuel tanks, roller drawer storage systems, Kaymar tow bumpers with dual spares, cargo barriers, water bladder or tank, a roof rack, ARB Bull Bar, a hand winch and enough spares to rebuild most of the vehicle. Then when they go on a trip they add their 12volt fridge, about a ton of gear and of course beverages (this is about as important as fuel capacity to an Aussie). What this means is quite simple, Australians tend to load their vehicle to a level most Americans cannot comprehend. Because of this loading, Australian suspensions tend to sit noticeably “butt high” when not loaded (also known as the Stink Bug look). Although this is not detrimental and if you do happen to load your rig like an Aussie it is a wonderful thing, most USA 80 series owners are not thrilled with this look.

Our webmaster who owns several 80 series Land Cruisers, put what he calls a 4″ level stance suspension on one of his rigs , and liked it so much he suggested that we should offer kits of this type for our customers. So here they are. Very simple and straight forward, these kits come with a front set of coils that are stated by Old Man Emu to be 1” higher lift than what is supplied for the rear with the result of a vehicle that sits pretty level front to rear as shown in the photographs of our webmasters vehicle. Kits are offered with standard rate OME coils and as noted with our 30mm Front Coil Spring Spacers. Customers that want to occasionally load up the rear of the vehicle can add an air lift air spring kit that will compensate for up to 1,000 lbs of load.

The 4” level stance kit is what is on the white 1993 FZJ80. 

If you do not have extended brake lines they are highly recommended.


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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 14 × 14 in

2-INCH LEVEL STANCE SUSPENSION KIT, 3-INCH LEVEL STANCE SUSPENSION KIT, 4-INCH LEVEL STANCE SUSPENSION KIT, REAR SHOCK ROCK PROTECTORS 80 SERIES Pair, 80 Series Deluxe Stainless Steel Braided Brake Line Kit Upgrade, Stainless Steel DOT 3-inch Extended brake lines 1/90-8/92 W/O ABS 2 line kit, Stainless Steel DOT 3-inch Extended brake lines 8/92-97 W/ABS 3 line kit, Rear Sway Bar Extended Links 1/1990-8/1992 AND 8/1995-1997, Rear Sway Bar Extended Brackets 9/1992-7/1995


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