Complete RV Camshaft kit, including our Reground RV Camshaft, a Full set of Toyota Reground Lifters, and 12 special Valve Springs for use with the higher lift of an RV Cam. The valve springs are designed to provide the proper spring rate at specified installed height without the danger of coil bind.
RV Cam is 260 deg duration, .420″ lift, 42 deg overlap, Lobe Centers @ 109, Clearance INT ..014″ EXH .016″.

CORE CHARGE OF $150 IS APPLIED TO PRICE.  Core charge on camshaft and/or lifters refunded when customers cores are found to be acceptable for reconditioning. Partial credit will be issued if some parts are usable.

***A note on engine oils;
Recently the EPA mandated that all domestic oil producers remove Zinc Dialkyl Dithio Phosphate(ZDDP) from all their synthetic and conventional motor oils. This was done to protect catalytic convertors. Problem is ZDDP is what lubricates lifters and cams in a non-roller valve train. In order to keep the lifters and cam properly lubricated and prevent premature wear and galling you must run an additive in your oil. Diesel grade engine oil does have some ZDDP in it, but the amount has recently been greatly reduced by order of the EPA. So even if you run diesel grade oil you must still run a ZDDP additive.

Another major problem with flat tappet(non-roller) type cams as found on the F/2F/3F engines is the use of high detergent type or “low emissions” labeled engine oils. The detergents in these oils will clean the ZDDP and lubricants off the cam lobes. This is a critical problem during initial break-in and can contribute to premature wear and failure of the cam and lifters. During initial break in it is imperative to use a *non-detergent type engine oil in combination with a quality ZDDP additive. Valvoline VV265 is a high quality non-detergent engine oil that is suitable for break in purposes when used with a ZDDP additive. After break in , a “low detergent” oil can be used. Valvoline VR1 used with a ZDDP additive is an excellent combination for long term engine use. ZDDP additives are available from Comp Cams, and from Eastwood Products.


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