For use with Manafre Super HD Tie Rods and Relay Rods. OEM quality 555 Japanese manufacture tie rod ends. A sensible upgrade when stepping up to tire sizes larger than 33″.

One of the more common problems with older Land Cruisers is worn out tie rod ends.  This occurs for several reasons, the first and most obvious is old age.  Also a factor in lifespan is the condition of the dust boots which must keep dirt and moisture out and lubrication in.  Last is severe stress caused by heavy off-roading or over-sized tires.  Whatever the reason, when your tie rod ends are worn out your vehicle tends to steer itself, with lots of slop in the steering linkage, making you feel like you’re not in control of your Land Cruiser.  This can be uncomfortable or even worse, dangerous.  These replacement tie rod ends and related parts will help you regain control of your vehicle.