This is as good as it gets for Land Cruiser Weber Carburetor Adapters. CNC machined from a billet piece of aircraft grade aluminum, this adapter bolts up a Weber or Empi(“WEBER Type”) 2 bbl carburetor to a “F” or “2F” intake manifold with only 2 gaskets, eliminating the intake leaks associated with standard multi-layer “sandwich adapters” typically used to adapt WEBER and Empi carburetors to Land Cruiser manifolds. Although this adapter will also work with a 32/36 carburetor, it’s top openings are matched to the high performance synchronous 38mm carburetor, and the bottom is matched to a 2F intake manifold. The extra height of our adapter improves fuel atomization resulting in better bottom end torque, and throttle response. Installation only requires simple hand tools. A 1/4 inch pipe plug threaded opening allows fitting of any variety of vacuum hoses or lines. The extra height of our adapter also helps to raise the carburetor to adapt to a stock Land Cruiser air cleaner assembly*. Kit includes mounting studs, washers, nuts, gaskets, and a 1/4″ plug.

*Those wishing to retain their stock air cleaner will also need an air cleaner adapter, sold separately.