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FJ80 Anti-Sway Bar Drop Front Rear with Link Type Rear Kit 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997


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Upgrading to a 4×4 sway bar is the only way to compensate for:

  • A change in the center of gravity of the chassis
  • An increase in vehicle mass

Upgrading to a 4×4 sway bar will:

  • Improve the stability of the vehicle at high speed
  • Neutralize the factory understeer
  • Increase tire life
  • Control the roll in load carrying applications
  • Improve safety with no loss of comfort

Available on backorder

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When installing a lift on an 80 Series Land Cruiser the geometry of the front and rear sway bars will be altered and can adversely affect the handling characteristics of the vehicle. When the axle travel is increased, the front drive shaft will be able to drop down far enough to actually hit the front sway bar. We offer 2” drop brackets for the front sway bar to clear the drive shaft and re-align the bar for improved handling.

For the rear sway bar we offer 2-1/2” extended links or extended brackets depending on production type of rear sway bar to re-align the rear bar and improve handling. Link style includes new polyurethane bushings, washers, and ny-lock nuts.

Replacement parts available separately. Made in the USA.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4 in

Front Sway Bar Drop Kit, Rear Sway Bar Extended Links 1/1990-8/1992 & 8/1995-1997, Rear Sway Bar Extended Brackets 9/1992-7/1995, Sway Bar Drop Kit Front/Rear 80 Series Land Cruiser 1/1990-8/1992 and 8/1995-1997 W/link type rear kit, Sway Bar Drop Bracket Kit Front/Rear 80 Series Land Cruiser 9/1992-7/1995 With Bracket Type Rear Kit


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