All bushings are made to our specifications to insure proper fit, and movement of appropriate parts to enhance your suspensions ride quality, and control. We incorporate grease retaining grooves in our shackle and spring bushings, which keeps the spring and shackle pins lubricated for a smooth, effortless spring movement. Our bushings are made in black polyurethane which does incorporate graphite to alleviate squeaking. However does not eliminate the need for a proper bushing lubricant. Almost every Cruiser we look at has partially or totally worn out bushings at the spring, shackle, and shock mounts. This can contribute to slop in steering, wandering on the highway and premature tire wear. If your springs can move side to side in their mounts that is how much your alignment is changing as you roll down the road. Our polyurethane shock/spring/shackle bushings last longer than rubber, will not collapse, and give better steering control due to higher rigidity. These bushings are one of the easiest and least expensive ways to improve your steering, and suspension. Made in the USA .

12 bushings that will do 2 leaf springs with shackles or one axle. For use with Old Man Emu Springs.