Rotor for the Manafre “Lightning Strike” HEI Ignition System. 


Our new Man-A-Fre HEI performance ignition distributors are dollar for dollar one of the best performance upgrades available for your F, 2F, or 3F Carbureted engines. Improved horsepower, torque and fuel economy, ease of maintenance, and readily available service parts make these distributors your best choice for improving your ignition system. Our new distributors now use an O-ring on the distributor shaft for sealing instead of a gasket. Our distributors also now come with our exclusive billet machined hold down clamp, designed specifically for Land Cruiser engine blocks. Our fully mechanical advance version is designed to deliver it’s entire advance curve without any vacuum input, making it the ideal distributor for use with our WEBER carburetor conversion kits, or performance tuned engines. Our distributors are also available as a kit with a set of hi-performance spark plug wires. Our Distributors are also available in full Power Pack kits with our Tuned Ceramic Headers, and WEBER 38DGAS Performance carburetors. Please note: Our HEI Distributors use a cap with male wire terminals, whereas the OEM type distributors have female terminals, making stock type ignition wires incompatible.

Disclaimer: These parts are designed for racing and off-road use only. They are not intended for use in lieu of factory emission control devices, and they are not legal for sale or use in California on pollution controlled vehicles