///FJ80 Gear Front & Rear (5:29, 91-98, Without Locker)

FJ80 Gear Front & Rear (5:29, 91-98, Without Locker)


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Suffering from poor performance and reduced fuel economy resulting from oversized tires?
A Nitro gear change will help get that performance and economy back!
It is a common misconception that lower gears are only for hardcore off-roading, in actuality the average daily driven vehicle can see huge improvements in both performance and economy by properly matching their vehicle’s gear ratio to their tire size all while reducing strain on the vehicles drivetrain.

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91-98 W/OUT LOCKER 4:10, 91-98 W/OUT LOCKER 4:56, 91-98 W/OUT LOCKER 4:88, 91-98 W/OUT LOCKER 5:29, 91-98 WITH LOCKER 4:10, 91-98 WITH LOCKER 4:56, 91-98 WITH LOCKER 4:88, 91-98 WITH LOCKER 5:29