Our new high performance Combo kits now feature our new Man-A-Fre Lightning Strike mechanical advance HEI distributor kit with a hi-performance Ignition Wire Set, matched to our custom WEBER 38 carburetor kits. Our Lightning Strike HEI Ignition Distributors are a perfect match for the peerless WEBER 38 DGAS performance Carburetor. WEBER carburetors do not have an effective ported vacuum fitting and do not work well with vacuum advance type ignition distributors. Combining the WEBER 38 with our Fully mechanical advance HEI distributor is one of the most effective performance mods you can make to your carbureted Land Cruiser in line 6 cylinder. Our WEBER 38 kits come with our exclusive billet machined, one piece manifold adapters for leak free installations, and our 2F kits feature direct connection to your OEM rod type throttle linkage, and our stock air cleaner adapter allowing retention of your OEM 2F air cleaner assembly.


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